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The Scott Mountain by the Brook Night Patrol

The Scott Mountain apartment complex is really more of an outdoor apartment that attract individuals who want more of outdoor green landscapes rather than tall grey building structures.

A number of apartment complexes are constructed on high rise buildings, but the unique architectural ecological design of the Scott Mountain by the Brook Apartments facility complex sets it apart from the rest of the many apartment systems in the US. 

The Scott Mountain apartment complex is absolutely environment-friendly with its open design, yet safe and secure with the installation of earth and stone fences in their natural contours and formation. Horizontal metal fences installed inside the apartment complex protect apartments in open areas. 

Courtesy patrols are assigned to move around the meandering cemented road and winding grass carpeted pathways behind the apartment structures to boost the security and safety of residents. 

The members of the Scott Mountain by the Brook Night Patrol are composed of well-trained men and women who can handle security situations without alarming the residents in their apartments. The role of the night patrol is to act as deterrence to the occurrence of any untoward incident that may happen within the premises of the apartment facility complex.

The Scott Mountain by the Brook Night Patrol people works closely with the maintenance staff. In some instances a night patrol team would have to be around when maintenance staff would be fixing on an apartment problem in the outdoors.

Residents and guests have given a high approval rating to our maintenance team and night patrols for being wonderful people. For going the extra mile, our maintenance staff has received the GEM award, always making time to selflessly serve the Scott Mountain Apartment residents.

The Scott Mountain by the Brook Night Patrol teams are people active in ensuring the safety and security of residents and their properties. This includes the parked cars in open parking spaces and in covered parking lots. Courtesy patrols are also conducted in the daytime. 

The integrity of the Scott Mountain by the Brook Night Patrol make way for residents to attain their personal goals while at the same time enjoying their stay at apartment of their choice. 

We make sure that everything in your apartment works perfectly well all the time. We make sure you experience to the full satisfaction the accessibility, functionality, beauty, peace and serenity of an environmentally-enhanced urban community in this part of Portland. You can visit site :

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